About The Surgeon in Charge

A.J. “Junkman” Johnson

From tinkering in his parent’s basement as a kid, to figuring out complex pneumatic / electronic testing stations as a Senior Technician with Motorola, Inc., A.J. Johnson has been fascinated with the field of electronics most of his life. “I broke a lot of stuff growing up as a kid before I actually fixed anything.” says the Surgeon.

A. J. Johnson started the PC Surgeon, Inc. back in August of 1999. He saw the need for someone who could visit a business or home user onsite and solve their computer issues in a timely and cost effective manner. “I saw a lot of small business owners and home users alike who needed a customized and personal service touch. They were looking for someone who could not only solve their computer issues, but also someone who could offer solutions and insight into their computer needs. Someone who was not only willing to take the time to explain how they should manage their computers and networks, but an individual who could explain all of this in a language that they could easily understand. Thus, The PC Surgeon was born.”

In the years since it’s inception, the PC Surgeon has grown in experience beyond anyone’s expectations. “The amount of knowledge that I have obtained could not be derived from reading books or attending classes. I have had the opportunity to solve issues that you just don’t see everyday, or learn how to solve by sitting in a classroom.” states the Surgeon. This is definitely a direct link to the versatility of the Surgeon’s customer base. From 911 centers, water districts, to a national newspaper and hotel chain, the Surgeon has touched and solved issues for all types of businesses.

The Surgeon’s experience actually was derived from his degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. He used that degree to obtain a position at Motorola, where he excelled as a board level technician specializing in Surface Mount Technology and trouble-shooting. “This experience is what gave me my uncanny ability to figure out computer issues that I had never seen or heard of before. I guess I’m just lucky when it comes to computers because they never frustrate me and I’ve not yet run up on one that I couldn’t fix!” says the Surgeon as he knocks on a nearby wooden desk.

Here at the PC Surgeon, the Learning Never Stops

Not only is technology changing at a rapid pace, but you can never learn enough about something you already know. This is the attitude we at the PC Surgeon like to take with us as we go about our daily business. “Since I started out as a confused and lost computer user, I know the pain of some of the folks who call me”, states the Surgeon. “I’ve been there so I easily relate to a lot of my customers.”

The PC Surgeon business continues to grow and thrive, with business coming to us. “The business has grown totally on word of mouth. I haven’t had to advertise because of this. I use the same attitude toward business that my late father used which was, if it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right” We here at the PC Surgeon agree and vow that if we can’t fix it, then you don’t pay. “Let’s see if you can get that guarantee anywhere else!” says the Surgeon.

Other Hobbys & Interests of the Surgeon

AJ is an avid photographer and his travels often yield some beautiful photographs. Below are just a few from his hobby that he has been at since the late 70’s.